Local Art Show Review

Fred Tarr -local poet and artist- reviewed an art show by local artist Chad Rasmussen

“Chad Rasmussen’s exhibition at Fairfield Community Center Gallery, Fairfield, Ohio, 2012 adorned the largest and highest ceilings for an art gallery in history, covered with Chad’s wonder -working- power paintings hung three high and often in size- matching threes and all the work is radiant and exposed just right with some of the smaller exquisite pieces near the large window to the North east. This is a must-see. and the beauty of the exhibition is that many pieces are expounded visually thru the texture, color, and shape in such a way to illuminate one of Chad’s favorite subject : the theory of visual comeuppance; as in impact! how do we see? a fine exhibition and an attempt to demystify the artist’s experience of painting ? how so? you might ask. the beauty of this exhibition is even the novice viewer or someone seldom observing, looking at paintings or much art for that matter displayed,- even a casual observance by such an individual, can become a life-changing experience about the ways of seeing in art. I’m all for this one! happy viewing.”


For more information reference this show please go to  – www.fairfield-city.org

Check out Chad Rasmussen’s art at his blog  –ctrasmuss.blogspot.com


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