January Featured Artist Interview

I virtually sat down for a quick interview with this month’s featured artist –  Sarah Ohara .


Q1. What are your musical influences?

A. This is a tough question because I think people expect you to name a particular group or artist, and I listen to and draw from mostly everything – anything that can speak to me! As a poet, I would say I’m inspired by great lyricists – Bob Dylan, John Prine, and Ani DiFranco spring to mind.


Q2. What is your currently favorite band?

A. Currently favorite band… I’m going to go with Cincinnati heroes, Bad Veins, on this one.


Q3. When did you start singing, songwriting, and playing the guitar?

A. I think everybody begins life singing. It’s a natural expression of joy that flows through the human body; kids do it all the time. As far as when I started really doing it on purpose, it’s been a long process. I did the band thing through my school years, but after I graduated it was a long time wandering before I got back to the fret board. I started playing guitar six years ago and more or less went from there.


Q4. When did you first start going to Creativa?

A. About five years ago, in spring of 2008.


Q5. What influenced you to start going to open mic events?

A. I’ve always been a bit of a ham, and I had all this material, so…. I don’t remember how exactly I heard about Creativa, specifically, but I do remember I had a free Saturday and figured, “Eh, what the hell?” You’d be surprised at how many major life decisions I’ve made this way.


Q6. Are you going to record your music any time soon?

A. Yeah, I mean, ‘soon’ is relative–ha! I have a home studio set up that’s good enough to do my own demos and things, so I’ll be using that to flesh out more of a presence online over the next year or so just so people can connect to me and what I’m doing. Beyond that, it’s hard to say.

Q7. Who or what inspires you when you write poetry?

A. Everything. I see poetry in everything. A lot of what I write about ends up being philosophical or psychological in nature—you know, dealing with the whole process of individuation and the pitfalls of operating a human brain under duress. I tried being political, but as much as I am passionate about the issues, I can’t seem to get into it creatively. It just ends up aggravating me!

Q8. Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

A. World tour!


Q9. If you could live/visit anywhere on the planet, where would you go and why?

A. I like to travel, so I’d be up for visiting just about anywhere! As for moving, I’m not planning on going anywhere anytime soon, but odd as it sounds, I like the southwest a lot. Hot, dry, huge—what’s not to love? I visited Houston a few years back, and well, it is in Texas–but aside from that, it has a lot of nice qualities! Besides, if you’re a blues lover, there’s almost no better place to be than that Holy City of Texas Blues they call Austin. As it stands now, though, I’ll take the Queen City any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

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