February Featured Artist Interview

Today (actually a few days ago)  Creativa’s February featured artist Sutekh Dehart virtually sat down with me (Joelle) for a quick interview about himself and his music. Read on and then mark your calendars to check it all out – 2-9-2013 at Cincinnati Mall

Joelle: First – Thank you for the interview When did you start playing music?

Sutekh: Well, thanks for asking about me and my music. I started playing when I was young, I come from a musical family…it’s what we do.

Joelle: Do you write all of your own material?

Sutekh: Now and then I like to spruce up old stuff, but for the most part I’m all original.

Joelle: What kind of music do you listen to?

Sutekh: Believe it or now I listen to reggae most often than not but anything with some drive sounds good to me.

Joelle: Who or What is your biggest musical influence?

Sutekh: My dad he taught me everything I know…good and bad.

Joelle: Your name is very unique. What does it mean and is it a family name?

Sutekh: The origin of my name is Egyptian…I was adopted at birth by a native Syrian family and while it’s not quite pronounced as Seth its the closest way of saying it without spitting on people.

Joelle: If you could live anywhere on the planet where would go and why?

Sutekh: Wherever the people are getting along without the use of heroin and I can plug-in my amp will be fine to me.

Joelle: When did you start performing your own music?

 Sutekh: I started playing solo after the years of trying in vain to push a punk rock band to popularity. I re-geared and here I am.

Joelle: How did you hear about Creativa?

Sutekh: I met Shawn at the Fitton center show we didn’t talk about the group at first we actually talked mostly about a 1970’s Hamilton local band called Chem Dyne. And one thing led to another……

Joelle: Where do you see yourself in three years?

Sutekh: It’s hard for me to talk future. I have survived cancer and spinal surgery. The fact that I’m here talking to you is a miracle…I live every day like I won’t get another one……three years or three minutes, just know I’m giving it my all.

Joelle: Cow Punk isn’t a genre of music that I’m familiar with so, what is Cow Punk?

Sutekh: Well cow punk stems from the moment Dylan went electric and didn’t strike again until Social D hit the scene mid 80s… And with the flourishing return of folk music came a cow punk revival with such bands as Drag The River , Two Cow Garage and Lucero. But I put my own spin on it with my semi percussive guitar and unique voice.

Joelle: Thanks again Sutekh for talking with me in a virtual kind of way that is, and I’m looking forward to seeing you perform live at Creativa February 9, 2013.

Sutekh: You are welcome and I look forward to seeing everyone at Creativa.

Come on out to Creativa at Cincinnati Mall on February 9, 2012 to check out Sutekh Dehart and all of the other awesome talent at Creativa. Doors open at 7:00 pm and it all happens starting at 8:00 pm. We are located in Studio 224-B on the second level, next to Burlington Coat Factory. See you there.

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