July Featured Artist Interview

I recently had a cyber chat via Facebook with Creativa Convergence July featured artist – Tajlyn. I asked a few in-sightful and fun questions about herself and her music. Check it out. 🙂


1. How/when did you get started playing the guitar?


I started playing guitar when I was eleven. My sister got one for Christmas, but I took more interest in it than she did.

2. Did you always write your own music?


3. Who/what inspires you the most when writing?


I get inspired by things like emotions, peoples behavior, surfing, skateboarding, anything really.

4. Where do you see yourself in 3 years?


In three years I would like to be living or at least starting a nomadic life traveling the world playing music. 

5. How did you hear about Creativa?

Roy Jones

6.  Do you play any other instruments?


I play bass, keys, drums, didgeridoo, doumbek, violin, and banjo.

7. How long does it typically take you to write a song to its completion?

So far it’s taken me anywhere from a few weeks to a year to finish a song. I’m looking to break that record.

8. Is anyone else in your family musically inclined?

I have cousins who play music as well as my grandparents.

9. Where can people buy your cd’s?

My cd’s can be purchased at shows, through my website http://www.tajlyn.com/ at cd baby http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tajlyn

10. If you could live anywhere in the world (without having to worry about money) where would you live?

I would live in either Australia, Thailand, or Peru. 

11. What your musical goals right now?


My musical goals right now are to getting songs finished quicker, playing in new cities/states, and just being a full time musician.

12. List your favorites: color, music, and food

Favorite color is orange, music is film compositions (if that’s considered a type of music), food would have to be spinach, it goes with anything.

13. Does your family support you in your musical goals and career?


My family supports my musical goals and career. 

14. When can we expect your next CD?

I hope to start recording my next album within the next twelve months.

15. What is your favorite relaxation technique or habit?


My favorite thing to do to relax is to go outside and stare off in the distance with the sun in my face. It seems to work.

16. Favorite life quote


“Your twenties are your selfish years.” – My mother.

I hope these answers will do. I am looking forward to next Saturday. See you there.Image


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