Interview with December Featured Artist Brian Yala Hughes

December’s featured artist is Brian Yala Hughes. I zipped over a few questions (via Facebook messenger) to Brian in order to get a peek inside his brain.

  1. When did you start drawing?

I started “drawing” and I put those in quotations because it was more of just random doodling when i look back on it at the young age of around 4 or 5.

  1. How long have you been writing poetry?

I’ve been writing poetry since 3rd grade, it’s been something that stuck with me with all the journal entries that my teacher had me write so, 13 years on and off.

  1. What other art forms do you create with?

I also like to make music I feel like the two for me just always correlated with each other, when I’m not making music I’m making art while listening to music ha-ha

  1. What plans, if any, do you have for possibly selling your art?

My plans on selling my artwork are anybody wants it come get it. I have an online art shop called “the last black unicorn” so I’m always promoting that. Hopefully the cool name would attract people but is the link

  1. What inspires you to create?

My inspiration is My fiancé, She’s been there since day one we met I feel like and ever since it just inspires me so much to continue to do what I love. Each painting I make I like to put a “K” for Keely to represent that as my foundation. Without a foundation for my art I feel like I wouldn’t have art.

  1. What is your favorite music right now?

My favorite music is all music in general ha-ha but I’m really into this band called “hail the sun” they just get me in the mood to create with their deep meanings behind their lyrics. I also gotta listen to that real trap shit of course.

  1. Favorite movie?

Hands down Ponyo is my favorite movie. I love how colorful it is. It was a tough choice between that and grandma’s boy but studio ghibli is amazing.

  1. How did you hear about Creativa?

My great friend Deanna Shelby was the one that even mentioned to me about Creativa and I thank her for that so much because so many inspiring artist and musicians go to this awesome open mic.

  1. How long have you been going to Creativa?

SINCE DAY 1 ha-ha on and off of course but I went to the very first one that you guys had and it just kinda spiraled into my list of “things to do on the weekend”

  1. Who is your favorite artist?

YO for real why does everyone ask that? that’s like asking a nascar driver who’s your favorite nascar driver? haha I’m my own favorite artist, why do you ask? because my mom said i can be anything I want to be and so I said “well I’ll be an astronaut” and she told me “Let me rephrase that you can be anything you want to be….within reason” SO I became an astronaut through my paintings and creations.

  1. What kinds of poetry do you enjoy reading?

My favorite kind of poetry is poetry with meaning, poetry with passion and poetry that was made with love. Also I enjoy Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes, and Edgar Allen Poe because no one else can quote the raven like Poe.

Well there you have it a sneak peek into the creative mind of Brian Yala Hughes. No I didn’t ask him about his middle name because I wanted to leave something for you to ask him yourself when you come on out the December Creativa event.

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